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The Board of Directors of The Greater Ossipee Area Chamber of Commerce (GOACC), in active collaboration and partnership with the Board President, shall frame the issues and think creatively of opportunities and challenges to be met for the Chamber to be an exemplary support organization.

The legal duties and responsibilities of the Board Members are generally outlined in the GOACC. Each Board Member should be conversant, and compliant, with the Bylaws and its contents.

Most fundamentally, each Director has a duty of loyalty and a duty of care. The following provisions list many of the specific responsibilities and actions required to meet those legal and ethical duties, and effectively govern the organization.



  1. Adopt, and regularly review, GOACC’s Mission statement, and review management’s performance in achieving them.

  2. Organization and to develop and implement operational plans to carry out the Mission.

  3. Regularly assess the environment of the Chamber, and develop, in partnership with the Board of Directors, strategies to be responsive.

  4. Ensure that management succession is properly planned.

  5. Meet as a Board no fewer than six times a year. Focus on “what matters most,” and apply the knowledge and experience of individual Board members to the major challenges facing the organization.

  6. Establish Committee structure; adopt, and regularly review, Committee Charters.

  7. Ensure that the organizational strength and employee base can sustain the Mission and achieve long-range goals.

  8. Approve appropriate compensation and benefit policies and practices.

  9. Propose prospective board members and fill vacancies as needed. Ensure adequate orientation of new members. Ensure adoption and adequacy of Board leadership succession plan.

  10. Periodically conduct self-review of Board performance (including its composition, organization, and responsibilities) and take steps to improve its performance.

  11.  Ensure that NHCN has established appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout the organization and is diligent in its administration and enforcement of those policies.

  12.  Review compliance with relevant material laws affecting GOACC and its programs and operations.


  1. Ensure that GOACC’s financial structure and funding plans will adequately support its current needs and long-range strategy.

  2. Ensure that the Board is carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviews of periodic and annual financial statements, funding plans, budgets and financial goals.

  3. Review results achieved by management compared with GOACC’s Mission, Strategic Plan, and annual and long-range goals. Compare performance to that of other Chamber associations.

  4. Ensure that the Board, its committees, members, and the public are adequately informed of the financial condition of the organization and its operations through internal and published reports, or other appropriate methods.

  5. Ensure that published reports properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of the organization.

  6. Appoint independent auditors, review audit reports, and review management letters


  1. Be loyal to GOACC, always exercising Board powers in the interest of the Chamber, and not for the interest of others.

  2. Be informed about GOACC’s Mission, Strategic and Operating plans, policies, and programs. Work with the rest of the Board to review, approve and oversee GOACC’s Mission, and review performance in achieving it. Be an avid proponent of the Mission, and inform others about the Chamber, its Mission, Vision and programs.

  3. Ensure legal and ethical integrity, and maintain accountability and transparency to members, funders, other constituents and the general public.

  4. Prepare for, attend, and participate actively in Board and Committee meetings, and special events. Serve on Committees and undertake special assignments willingly and enthusiastically when asked. Provide candid and constructive advice, comments and criticism. Ask timely and substantive questions at Board and Committee meetings consistent with conscience and conviction, while supporting the majority decision on issues decided by the Board.

  5. Make a personal, tax-deductible contribution once a year at a level reasonable to the individual.

  6. Individual, dues-paying, membership in the Chamber by a Board member is required.

  7. Be familiar with and follow conflict-of-interest policies, and submit an annual Conflict of Interest Report.

  8. Participate in the generation and approval of policies focusing on mission, finances, and income. Ensure that programs are consistent with the Mission.

  9. Suggest possible nominees for election to the Board, who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the organization.

  10. Keep up to date on developments in and affecting the Chamber.

  11. Provide moral and professional support, and be available as resources, to the Chamber. Respect existing time commitments and priorities of staff.

  12. Avoid involvement in all political campaigns in the name of the Chamber, unless directed by the Board President to question or present an advocacy issue on behalf of the organization.

  13. Maintain confidentiality of the Board’s executive actions.

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