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Moving Truck

Thinking of making a move to the Greater Ossipee, NH area?

  • Driver's Licenses
    Driver's license applications can be obtained from any town. In four weeks, you will receive notice of an appointment at the motor vehicle office closest to your home or place of work. If it is your first license, you will take a written test, a driving test and an eye exam. You must pass all three to be issued a license. If you live in the area and wish to get the license in person, visit the State Division of Motor Vehicles Troop E office on Route 16 in Tamworth. If you already have a valid driver's license from another state, it must be surrendered. The driving and written tests are not required; you will, however, be required to take the eye exam. You will also receive a driver's manual to familiarize yourself with the state's motor vehicle laws. For more information, call 603-271-2371.
  • Car Registration
    Bring your old registration to your town clerk, who will prepare the appropriate paperwork. You must pay a resident's tax as well as a tax based upon your vehicle's current selling price. Many towns can give you the plate when you register, but check with your town clerk first before visiting Troop E in Tamworth. Take the form to the State Division of Motor Vehicles on Route 16 in Tamworth. There you will pay a fee based upon the weight of the vehicle and receive either new plates or stickers. New residents must apply for New Hampshire titles within 60 days to register vehicles. Within 10 days after registering your vehicle in New Hampshire, you must have it inspected and have an emission test at any repair shop or gas station displaying an Official New Hampshire Inspection sign.
  • Voter Registration
    If you are a U.S. citizen, a New Hampshire resident, and 18 years old on or before election day, you may register to vote at your city or town hall as soon as you have established an address in the state. For state elections, residents may register to vote the day of the election. For town elections, voter registration is open 10 days before the election. You must register again only if you move or change your name.
  • Marriage Licenses
    You can obtain a marriage license from your local town or city clerk. You must be at least 18 years old to obtain a marriage license without going through probate court. If you were previously married, you must provide proof of divorce from, or death of, your former spouse before you are granted a license. Once completed, the town clerk is required by law to keep the license for three days. The license is good for 90 days.
  • Pet Registration
    To obtain a license for your pet, take a current rabies certificate to your town or city clerk's office. License fees vary by municipality.
  • Hunting & Fishing
    State licenses are required for all persons 16 and older who wish to fish in inland waters or hunt. Licenses are issued by state-authorized sporting goods shops and general stores. Both Aubuchon Hardware in Center Ossipee and “The Other Store” in Tamworth Village are some participating stores.
  • Boat Licenses
    All boats with engines must be registered and show the proper New Hampshire decals on the stern. This also applies to all sailboats and wind surfing vessels over 12 feet long. Registrations can be obtained from authorized marine dealers, some sporting goods stores or the New Hampshire Department of Safety.
  • Taxes
    Automobile Sales: There is no automobile sales tax in NH. Personal Income: There is no state income tax in New Hampshire. Property: Municipalities set local property tax rates based on the annual budget. Sales and Use: There is no sales and use tax in NH. Automobile Excise: There is no automobile excise tax in NH. Rooms and Meals: There is a state tax on lodging and meals of 9 percent. Alcoholic Beverages: The State of New Hampshire owns and manages liquor stores for distilled spirits. There is no New Hampshire state tax on liquor. Beer and wine are sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • Utilities
    Electricity: Electrical energy in the area is provided by NH Electric Co-op, 1-800-698-2007, and Eversource (formerly Public Service Company of New Hampshire) (800) 662-7764. Heating Oil & Propane: Click on the "Member Directory" to find our member businesses listed by category (Utilities). Water & Sewer: In Ossipee, water is supplied by a municipal system from a modern filtration plant. For general service, call 539-7150. Outlying towns have either total, partial or no public water and sewer services. Check with your town for the services offered. Waste Disposal: Most surrounding towns have local waste/recycling facilities where residents bring their sorted trash for disposal. Check with your town for details. Telephone Service: For residential telephone service, call Consolidated Communication at 1 (866) 984-3001 for land line communications. Cell phone service is provided by U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless.

This information is provided for your reference. Please check with your specific town or state department to verify and/or see if anything has changed.

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