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Information Booth Transformation

The booth needed attention and attention it got! The overgrown and unruly shrubs were removed and replaced with foundation plantings. Roof shingles were replaced. After a thorough power washing, the booth was repainted in a classic New England theme, white with black trim. New literature racks were mounted on the walls for Chamber member’s use. The Sands gave us permission to use the 3 flagpoles, so an American and New Hampshire flag have been raised. Floodlights for the flag poles were also installed. Once the third flagpole is repaired, we will be raising a flag with the new Chamber logo on it. The autumn and Christmas holidays were celebrated with seasonal decorations to attract attention.

Special thanks to the the Scholand and Kearney families for all of the hard work you put into transforming the information booth in 2022!

In 2023 more improvements are planned to further leverage this valuable asset.


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