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Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

If you’ve found our website, let us be the first to congratulate you. You’ve more than likely been given a choice of some kind, and whether you’re researching options to relocate, or seeking the sight of your next grand adventure, you’ve undoubtedly achieved the freedom to step past the bounds of ordinary life, and blaze your own, unique trail. The Greater Ossipee Area, which consists of the towns Ossipee, Effingham, Madison, Sandwich, Tamworth and Freedom New Hampshire, is a gateway to the extraordinary. Here, you are free to push your own boundaries, and experience a way of life normality is far from privy too.

Generations of travellers descend upon the area year-round. Located centrally between vacation capitals such as the Mount Washington Valley and Lakes Region Areas of New Hampshire, the Greater Ossipee Area is a time tested destination for our seasonal guests who wish to be close to the action, yet comfortably off the beaten path. Discover hidden paradises, endlessly found amongst the many scenic hiking/walking trails we preserve (Take a look at our “Hiking” section of this website for more information). Just a warning, you can’t excuse yourself from your new year's resolution of “being more outdoorsy” by conveniently reminding yourself what time of year it is. Our natural beauty, and many outdoor recreation opportunities keep us in “peak season” year round, rendering your favorite excuses arbitrary at best. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall offer their own charms, and we take pride in the memories we’ve seen come from our beloved lakes, forests and campgrounds. In contrast, those with less of an outdoor appetite will be charmed by local artisan shops, original dining experiences, and untold wealths of history and culture.

We take unwavering pride in being a place where everyone is welcome. We have lived here, worked here and built the Greater Ossipee Area into something we hold near and dear, as a community. It is our greatest joy to share the place we love, and bring people from near and far to our own backyard, year after year, to slow down. We are the Greater Ossipee Area, and this is our home.

The information booth, located at the intersection of Rte 16 and 25, contains valuable resources and information about the area. Be sure to check it out!

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