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Tice Automotive
2018 Business Of The Year

Tice’s Automotive Repairs began over 25 years ago.

Bill Tice began working on lawn mowers and VCRs as a kid in his parent’s garage in Tamworth.  When Bill got his first car he knew that he wanted to be a mechanic.  Even if there was nothing wrong with his car he would take apart and put it back together just for the fun of it.

Bill started his business on Route 113 in Tamworth with a two bay garage with no lifts and no employees, “a one man operation”. 

After about two years Bill hired his first employee.  

Ten years later Tice Auto moved to Route 16, just past White Lake State Park. Bill and Mary Tice had two bays and a few employees.  Soon after that they added auto sales, with a few cars out front.  Bill and Mary continued to expand the business with additions to the building with more bays, tire center, office space, paved parking with more auto sales.

Through out the business growth Bill and Mary have been a generous community supporter. They consistently donate to the KA Brett School, Golf Fundraisers, the Tamworth Nurses Association, and diverse children's fund's in the area.

This year, Bill and Mary purchased the old Stratham Tire Property on Route 16. Now known as “Tice’s Auto Sales and Service”.  There are seven indoor bays, 3 outdoor bays, a pre-owned auto inventory of more than 70 cars and trucks on the lot.  Bill and Mary have twelve full time employees offering service on all makes and models of vehicles including a full auto body shop.

It has been said “all you have to do is tell Bill what’s going on with your vehicle and he can diagnosis the problem right on the spot”.

A recent review about Tice Automotive stated –

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  Leaving the campground this morning and my service brake light came on.  I looked up local automotive and Tice Automotive came up.  Tammy and the service crew were awesome.  Replaced brake line and safely back on the road. Love NH!

Another review I read stated –

I just bought a Chevy Tahoe.  It took a few days to come up with that vehicle for me, but it did happen.  Andrew, who was determined to get me squared away with transportation, never stopped looking for a vehicle that would fit my needs.  I will definitely be taking my business back to Tice again, regardless if it is to buy a car or to have work done on my vehicle.  Andrew is top notch and I definitely recommend him and Tice for whatever you need. 

Please join me in congratulating Bill and Tice Automotive as “Business of the Year”.


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