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Winter is undeniably a season like no other. Magical flurries of snowfall captivate us, giving us the perfect backdrop for a season full of excitement. In New Hampshire, the beauty of a nippy Winter’s day is enough motivation to dust off the snowshoes, and forge a trail into our beautiful wilderness, or just about anything. The Greater Ossipee Area is your one-and done destination for endless fun, all season long. The seductive aesthetic of a New England winter is alive and well here, and waiting for you to reconnect with the childlike wonder winter instills in people all over the world.

New Hampshire is home to some of the most scenic landscapes in the country.  With snow blanketed meadows, summits and wilderness awaiting you at every turn, the Greater Ossipee Area is a testament to the quintessential New England winter scene. Outdoor and indoor fun scarcely cease as temperatures drop, partly due to the wide plethora of activities that serve as foundations for memories which are made throughout generations. Located conveniently near the Mount Washington Valley, a prime skiing destination, you can find yourself off the beaten path, yet comfortably within reach of much of New Hampshire’s bustling ski and snowboard scene. The town of Madison is also home to its own ski resort, which caters to both novice and expert level snow sport enthusiasts. Enjoy that yearly vacation at the cozy slope side resort, or simply enjoy a day skiing, snowboarding or tubing to your heart’s content.

If you find yourself in Tamworth, during the month of March, learn the trade and process of making real maple syrup at the local historical museum. This once in a lifetime experience familiarizes participants with the craft of syrup making, featuring an outdoor gathering element, as well as finished product sampling. History and cooking fans, and anyone with a passion for trying new things, will be delighted by the experience. Those who favor a cozy night indoors will be equally able to enjoy time in our area. Nightlife and local events can be enjoyed year round. Ossipee is home to Music Bingo once a week , Madison’s ski mountain offers live music every Saturday afternoon during the ski season, our member restaurant in Sandwich hosts a Dinner and Storytelling evening weekly, paint nights are offered monthly in West Ossipee, and so many other events to join in on in the GOA.

Some might say there’s a sense of magic and childlike wonder, accessible beyond expectation in a New England winter. Find yourself lost in wonder, with trails of compact powder behind your cross-country skis. Our hiking trails become snow covered playgrounds, giving outdoor enthusiasts a whole new world of natural beauty to explore. While the temperature drops in the Greater Ossipee Area, the fun surely doesn’t.

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