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Green Mountain Furniture
2015 Business Of The Year

Please join us in congratulating Green Mountain Furniture as the Greater Ossipee area Chamber of Commerce business of the year for 2015.

Marshall Kendall and Joe DeChiaro started Green Mountain Furniture some 40 years ago. They both moved from Long Island, NY to raise their families in our area. They founded Green Mountain Furniture with a manufacturing facility and just 400 sq ft of showroom.

After a few years in business Marshal and Joe opened a second location in Meredith. Eventually, Marshal took over the Ossipee store and Joe took the Meredith store. Marshall built the business into the over 40,000 sq ft of showroom it is today. So - when they say " There is more than meets the eye " they really mean it.

Not only was Green Mountain Furniture one of the founding companies of what is now the Greater Ossipee Area Chamber of Commerce. Marshal served on the board and as President.

The Kendall's have been at the crest of the hill, overlooking the Green Mountains for over 40 years.

Tony, Diane, Scott, Steve, and Paul (all Kendall children) have continued Marshall's tradition and commitment of selling great products with superior service. There are many awards that dawn the showroom wall, one really stands out, the New Hampshire RETAILER of the year.

Green Mountain Furniture has not only grown in the size of their showroom and the many people they employee but also their commitment to our local community. Green Mountain Furniture gives to over 50 local organizations and charities annually. This year - in celebration of 40 years in business, Green Mountain Furniture has given away an additional $32,000 to 40 organizations.

I want to thank the Kendall Family of Green Mountain Furniture for being a long standing member of the Greater Ossipee area Chamber of Commerce, but even more for being a great supporter of our local community!

Joseph Ferreira
Greater Ossipee area Chamber of Commerce

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